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Kindred Spirits Solo Flute CD

"Kindred Spirits"

This CD features solo flute compositions and performances by women that are connected by the Native Rhythms Festival Flute Competition.

The project is dedicated to the special bonds and friendships that were inspired by love of the Native American Flute and brought together by the flute competitions that are hosted by the wonderful annual event known as the Native Rhythms Festival in Melbourne, FL.

All of the women featured on this CD were competitors in the flute competition, except one was a competition judge. Some of them won first place, some won second and / or third place. Some became members of Painted Raven because of being recognized through this competition. All appeared on a Painted Raven CD because of this kinship. All became Kindred Spirits through this shared music project.

Many thanks to these beautiful and talented women for their hard work and collaboration efforts on this project. (Tracking all of them down was not an easy task, but every single one of them was found, and everyone single one of them delightedly participated in this project!)

Also, many thanks to the Native Rhythms Festival for making all of this possible, and for helping to put Painted Raven on the map in the NAF world by featuring them for the first time as performers at the Festival in 2010. We will be eternally thankful for this amazing opportunity they provided to us.

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Scroll down below the song profiles for more information about
The Native Rhythms Festival in Melbourne, Florida.


Song Title, Inspiration, Flute, and Music Sample

Annette Abbondanza
Orlando, FL
Annette 2012 Judge

2012 and 2013 NRF
Flute Competition Judge

Created Painted Raven
in 2004


Inspired by the mystical winged-creature, the poem by Tennyson, and the beautiful flute that was custom made by John Ellis of Turtle Mound Flutes for the Native Rhythms Festival 2014 Dragonfly theme logo.

Dragonfly flute

Short clip of "Dragonfly"



Marsha Harris
Morehead City, NC
Marsha Flute

2012 Competitor

Joined Painted Raven
in 2013

Where There's Rain, There is Sunshine

The song celebrates the appreciation of sunshine after much needed rain. Both are needed to bring life to the earth. It also has a double meaning. I often think of friends who deal with difficulties and sadness in their lives and can continue life even though the difficulties can be overwhelming.

Raven's head fetish Em flute by Brad Young, 4 Wind Flutes

Short clip of "Where There's Rain, There is Sunshine"


Holly Harris
Ocala, FL
Holly 2013

2013 First Place

Joined Painted Raven
in 2014

Red Feather

This song was inspired by and is a tribute to my Mother, Caroline, who always took the time to show me the wonders of Mother Nature.  I remember many picnics and times when we would go exploring in the woods,  attempting to walk as quietly as we imagined our Native ancestors may have walked, so as not to disturb the wildlife. I remember many days lying on the ground looking at the clouds and many nights gazing at the stars, sharing the images that they created in our minds.  As a child, my Mother affectionately gave me the name, “Red Feather”, and this song represents all of these memories that I will cherish forever. Thanks Mom!

Eb flute made by Ray Wood of Island Flutes

Short clip of "Red Feather"

Kimberly Kridler
Lady Lake, FL
Kimberly Kridler

2014 Second Place and
2013 Second Place

Sky Full of Stars

This tune is inspired by the vast, revolving beauty of our own Milky Way galaxy, NASA's Hubble Space Telescope image gallery, and the story of God's promise to Abraham that his descendants would be as numerous as the stars (Genesis 15:5). Thanks to the Hubble's instruments, we now know the visible universe alone contains over 220 billion galaxies, each of which contains billions or trillions of stars. Absolutely mind boggling!

G minor double NAF of grenadillo by Woodsounds.

Short clip of "Sky Full of Stars"


Sandy Czerwinski
Spring, TX

2014 First Place

Is It Really True

This is a love song that was inspired by the lives and strength of Genevieve and John Czerwinski Sr.  They had only been married for a few months when they were separated during World War II.  They lived in a little village outside of Warsaw Poland. Shortly after they married, John was arrested in a round up by Hitler’s troops and sent to the concentration camp in Poland.  Genevieve did not know if she would ever see John again.  John survived the horrors of the concentration camp.  After his camp was liberated, it took John several months to regain his health and the strength to return to to his wife and family.  This is a tribute to that reunion.
(song recorded live Jan 2007 -Tyler County Art League fundraiser)

Romy Benton side blown bamboo flute Dm

Romy Benton flute

Short clip of "Is It Really True"


Rae Denton
San Angelo, TX

2010 Second Place


CD baby.com

Remembering Leonard

Remembering Leonard and so many dear friends who have moved on. 
In the middle there is a bit that picks up the pace… 
“Remember when  I found this big beast? We danced round the fiesta grounds all weekend. 
Folks were asking, How can you play that thing, it’s bigger than you are. That flute and I just kept dancing. 
Packing it up,  I made  an offer, all the money I had, less than the listed price. 
Leonard simply nodded his head and smiled. 
Remember you?  Could we ever forget.
(song self-recorded at home in her music room)

Leonard "Lone Crow" McGann bass D flute
(46 inches long with a 2" bore and side mouthpiece)

Leonard McGann flute

Short clip of "Remembering Leonard"


Laura H. Young
Bozeman, MT

2011 Second Place and
2013 Third Place

Sacajawea Sunset

Where I live in Montana, the Bridger Mountain Range is nearby and the highest peak in the Bridgers is called Sacajawea.  It is a beautiful sight when the sun sets on it, and so that is the inspiration behind my song.

Am flute  purple heart wood made by Randy Stenzel - Feather Ridge Flutes

Short clip of "Sacajawea Sunset"

Joyce Bugaiski
Lakeland, FL

2011 First Place

Lonely Sand Hill Crane Finds a Mate

I used to play flute with Utah Farris at his mother's nursing home several years ago.  One day he brought this Sand Hill Crane flute and handed it to me to play along with him and his Crane head flute.  I fell in love with that flute and purchased it on the lay a way plan.  I wanted it so bad after I played the first note.
 Well, over time Utah and I would always play these two flutes together and he would announce that we were playing "Sand Hill Cranes Walk This Way".  They were always a hit.  So, it only seemed appropriate that since I was playing this special flute solo, the song became the Lonely Sand Hill Crane Finds a Mate.
(song self-recorded using Audacity software)

C#m, poplar wood, carved Sand Hill Crane head flute made by Utah Farris -Flight Feather Flutes

Sand Hill Crane head flute

Short clip of "Lonely Sand Hill Crane Finds a Mate"


Regina Schmid
Amityville, NY
Regina Schmid 2012

2012 Third Place

Ode to Pocahontas

While watching how to play a quad video, I was moved to tears, listening to the beautiful sound of this flute! As I was adapting to play this new flute, it takes a lot of breath when playing all four chambers, slowly this melody began to form and took shape. It has a very feminine energy and as I was searching for a title, this title came to mind.

Quad flute by Sunny Heartley - Sedona Native American Flutes.
It consists of two melody chambers and 2 draw chambers, F#m.

Short clip of "Ode to Pocahontas"


Kiriel Solene
Gainesville, FL

2014 Third Place

Running Feet

The theme of this song is “transitions.” Part of this was motivated by moving, from Phoenix, AZ, to Gainesville, FL, from drafting design to care giving. It’s leaving and starting again, moving from the known to the unknown. In that move, there is so much emotion, going to a new place, a new life, an unknown welcome, unknown friends. The response is running, toward, around, away, back again.
(song recorded by John Mahoney in his refurbished garage in Glendale AZ)

A minor, red cedar, Pat Haran is the flute maker

Short clip of "Running Feet"


Pat Wilson
British Columbia, Canada
Pat Wilson

2010 Third place and
2009 Third Place

The Unremembered Gate

I volunteered for quite a few years in our local Palliative Care Unit. I played my flutes for many people on their way home, and often was privileged to be there as they left this world. T.S. Eliot calls death "The Unremembered Gate", and in this song, I try to capture the calling of that gateway at the end of life.
(song self-recorded in her walk-in closet using a mini Olympus digital recorder and mixed with WavePad Sound Editor)

Grandfather tuned, branch flute made from sumac from Quebec by Dale Robertson of Fallen Branch Flutes.
Key of Ab

Branch flute

Short clip of "The Unremembered Gate"


Sydney Phipps
Coalmont, TN
Sydney Phipps 2009

2009 First Place

 Drifting Petals

The song is titled Drifting Petals for the cherry blossoms falling off the trees into the water in a Japanese garden I once visited. God created even the simplest things to be beautiful. In the moments of peace, silence and serenity, our Creator walks with us in his garden.

Coyote Oldman Rimblown Hopi style flute Bb

Short clip of "Drifting Petals"


Kindred Spirits Solo Flute CD



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Traveling Cds

Painted Raven's CD titled "Kindred Spirits", featuring women connected by the Native Rhythms Festival flute competition, returned to home base (Orlando, FL) for a brief pit stop, after traveling around the United States and Canada to collect autographs from the guest musicians that were not able to make it to the Native Rhythms Festival in Melbourne, FL November 12-15, 2015. 
The package of CDs started off in Florida on 9/21/15, traveled to New York, continued on to Texas, then on to Montana, then to L.A. California for international customs processing before heading to Canada's west coast for customs processing to get into Canada.  They then traveled all the way from Vancouver across to Canada's east coast to Montreal for customs processing to get back into the U.S. before returning home to Florida on 10/23/15, taking a little over a month to complete their long journey!  The next stop was The Native Rhythms festival in Melbourne, FL to acquire the autographs of the remaining guest musicians(winners of the Native Rhythms flute competition) that attended the festival.  After all the CDs were signed, each guest musician received one of them and the remainding autographed CDs were donated to the Native Rhythms Festival to sell or auction-off as a fundraiser  item for the festival. 
So, if you would like to acquire a small piece of this historical journey of "The Sisterhood of the Traveling CDs"(nickname taken from the movie, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants), you will need to attend the Native Rhythms Festival to purchase or bid on one of these very limited, rare CDs with the autograph of every musician on the recording. You will never be able to acquire one anywhere else with every single autograph on it. This journey will never take place again. So please don't miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity and a chance to help support one of the greatest venues dedicated to the Native American Flute, The Native Rhythms Festival.  Hope to see you there!

The Native Rhythms Festival in Melbourne, FL

Every year since its inception in 2009, The Native Rhythms Festival has attracted performers, makers, enthusiasts, and admirers of the Native American Flute from all over the continent. As well as providing an entertaining, family friendly, and free venue for the community, it also holds competitions for artists, flute makers and flute players to be recognized for their talents.

A partnership between the Native Heritage Gathering and the Indian River Flute Circle, the free 3 day festival draws more than 13,000 people from around the world as it celebrates Native American culture and history during November, which is Native American Heritage Month.

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